I am interested in exploring the link among the current lifestyles, teachings (knowledge), science and technology, and future science and technology. My greatest desire is to write stories that explain known facts /teachings but by using science and technology concepts.

When I was at home, I once imagined what if I eliminated each product of science and technology. I found myself losing even the house that sheltered me. When I'm traveling, I also imagined the same thing. I found myself losing even the means of transport I was using. I could no longer continue to imagine that way. I thought of jumping to a forest as I was becoming mentally naked: even my clothes were leaving me.
So, I changed my mind from physical products to immaterial products. I still thought what if building materials for my HEADQUARTER are not available? In previous centuries, it was very fictitious to build a house in the clouds.
What if there were no internet, no file transfer protocol (FTP), no server, no PHP language, no HTML, no CSS, no knowledge of integration among PHP, HTML,MYSQL, etc?
What if there were no physicist Tim Berners-Lee (HTML knowledge creator), no Rasmus Lerdorf (PHP knowledge creator), no Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski who also added new knowledge to PHP, among others?
It means I could not have bricks, sand, cement, corrugated iron sheets, iron bars, nails, and more to help me to build my home here.
It means I would not have a shelter in the clouds, or it could take years for me to be here. Hackers! I don't care about exposing this information: I have used the knowledge created by Rasmus Lerdorf, Tim Berners-Lee, and others.
This is to declare that the knowledge of science and technology is compulsory and the products of science and technology are inevitable in our surroundings.

Scientists! Scientists! I really appreciate you people. Bravo, the big 'new knowledge' creators in the world of science and technology! You sacrifice your lives to come up with new knowledge/scientific products that solve the problems of our modern societies. I sometimes imagine the best way to appreciate your efforts.
What if our certificates were only two categories: category 1 and category 2? And what if all category 2 certificates had somewhere to acknowledge? For instance, a certificate that includes knowledge of physics and computers would be written as follows:
This is to certify that you have been awarded the certificate.
Do you acknowledge that this certificate is the accumulation of the efforts and knowledge created by Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Charles Babbage, Henry Babbage, Alan Turing, John von Neumann, John Vincent Atanasoff,Konrad Zuse, Joseph Marie Jacquard,Herman Hollerith,Grace Hopper,...?
If I agree, then I am certified. If I do not agree, then certification is rejected.

For category 1 certificate (the distinguished certificate), what if it had been written this way?
"This is to certify that you are awarded this certificate because you have brought new knowledge to the world..."
"You have added unforgotten materials to the holders of category 2 certificates..."

Scientists! Apart from your hard work, staying in laboratories days and nights, others sacrifice even their leasure time to come up with a new knowledge. You are funny too! For instance, you reduce everything I know to just 1 and 0. I have a lot of things: my voice, what I see, what I hear, my pictures, my clothes, my certificates, my vision, my history, my videos, my friends, my security, my...

Sorry, don't be confused! They are nothing but just one and zero. It's so amazing! Why do you simplify everything I know and everything I possess to only 0 and 1?

Perhaps, it's because a machine (digital computer) understands only 1 (high voltage) and 0 (low voltage).

Scientists! Have you began to speak in the tongues of machines?

Humans have several languages:
Kiswahili, English, French,
German, Arabic, Korean, Chinese, etc.

It's so difficult to learn these languages. But scientists said, NO. These are only languages for humans, and we want to communicate with machines. We will introduce a new language that empowers us to speak with the tongues of machines: zero and one.

Scientists! Humans have ears and mouths, but we find it difficult to switch from one human language to another. We spend several months/years learning another human language. Why do you add trouble? What kind of inspiration would make us speak in tongues of machines? Now, can you prove beyond doubt that you are not jesting?

The world is full of products from science and technology: cars, radios, televisions, Smartphones, and others that are understood by almost everybody.
Scientists! I'm your good follower by default: I use almost every bit of knowledge you create. I utilize almost each product of your applied science: technology.
I never question how your products operate technically. I just use them! Your products accomplish what I want them to do. Why should I question them? That's why I say I have good faith in you as your good follower.
Now, I should follow you in your odd part. Why shouldn't I reduce everything I know or possess to just science and technology as you have promoted zeros and ones? Can't we have all vowels and consonants simplified to science and technology?

Notion: every knowledge/fact should be explained in terms of only science and technology. It is because almost everybody understands/uses science and technology.
I have a strong interest in making readers enjoy my writing style while I explore known teachings/knowledge in view of science and technology. I desire to write at least two science fiction novels that are research-oriented and explore an alternative to understanding known facts/teachings.

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